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Dave Shirley is a hilarious and incredibly talented performer. If you're looking for comedy, and you're not going to see me, go see him.
Dana Carvey, Saturday Night Live

DAVE SHIRLEY is a comedian that doesn’t tell jokes. He does a whole lot more.

Dave has been entertaining audiences since he was a teenager busking on the streets of Colorado. Juggling and eating fire, performing magic, riding a unicycle—if it’s entertaining but peculiar, he did it.

Dave moved on to improvisational comedy and traditional theater, honing his skills for years until he created Rattlebrain Theater Company in Denver, Colorado. With Dave as Artistic Director and head writer, Rattlebrain enjoyed several years of critically acclaimed and wildly popular music and comedy revues.

Dave now focuses his energy on creating original comedic performances for live theaters and corporate events. His new show
“ODDVILLE: Happiness comes in a cardboard box.” has been described as “Blue Man Group meets The 40 Year Old Virgin.”

He took part of the show onto America's Got Talent, and as a finalist, Dave showed the world that comedy can go far beyond standing on stage with a microphone.
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